Trans people, and people who do not conform to gender norms, are faced with many challenges, from outright transphobia, to intentional or accidental misgendering, questions about their status and lives, and lack of understanding. In addition, their relationships can change as they come more firmly into their best selves. As we fight for our rights as people, how do we live our lives with dignity and joy? How do we navigate our own internal process as we transition and as we live our lives?

TransResilience provides coaching, workshops, and online classes to help trans and gender expansive people learn to love themselves, love their bodies, navigate the transition process, navigate relationships, and live our best lives. TransResilience uses mindfulness and compassion-cultivating tools and practices which bring to bear our emerging understanding of how our nervous systems work.

TransResilience was started by Max Pearl. Max has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University, and a Certificate of Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley. Max was an HIV/AIDS educator and advocate from 1985-1995. He has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1990, and done many meditation retreats. He has also taken numerous trainings by Gay and Katie Hendricks, Body Trust, School of Consent, and the Body Electric School, and has done multiple retreats in varied embodiment modalities including Authentic Movement.

Max has been teaching contemplative practices since 2005. Prior to transitioning, Max co-founded Conscious Girlfriend, where he coached individuals and couples, and taught numerous courses and workshops on emotional awareness, self-love, communication, and relationships.

Max is also a multi-genre writer and blogger, and lives in Sonoma County, California. 

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