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What’s in a Name?

One of the most common things that trans and gender expansive folks do is change our names. Changing our name is often a way of living more into our authentic selves. Some change names in a very minor way – just a letter or two to change from one that is generally associated with oneContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

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Binding, Tucking, & Prosthetics

One of the truths about secondary sex characteristics is that very often, you can obviously see them. Another reality is that for many trans and gender-expansive folks, the presence of some characteristics, or the lack of others, makes us feel dysphoric. Unless and until we choose hormonal and/or surgical transition, it can be important toContinue reading “Binding, Tucking, & Prosthetics”

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The Four Horsemen

Relationship researcher John Gottman can identify relationships that will end by the presence of what he calls “The Four Horsemen.” The Four Horsemen of Christian Apocalyptic legend brought on the end of the world, and these four horsemen will bring on the end of your relationship, for sure. The Four Horsemen are: Criticism – thisContinue reading “The Four Horsemen”

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Transition: Finding Your Way

Transition can be a chaotic process. There are so many things happening in parallel. There’s the social transition part, which involves coming out to friends and family, potentially changing your appearance in some ways, often using a different name, and using different pronouns. This involves navigating different relationships, and how much you disclose to peopleContinue reading “Transition: Finding Your Way”

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Losing Lesbian Identity

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time, and a friend recently posted a question about this on Facebook, so I thought I’d dive into this topic. I think, really, this topic is about losing one identity, while gaining another. For me, it was going from identifying as a lesbian, to identifying asContinue reading “Losing Lesbian Identity”

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Sexuality Can Change With Transition

When I first started coming out as trans, and was introduced to trans community, one of the things I learned was that many trans people’s sexuality changes with transition. That anecdotal information is backed up by science. Several studies have shown that changes in sexuality are relatively common among trans people. For some (this isContinue reading “Sexuality Can Change With Transition”

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Changes in Libido

After I decided to transition, but before I started Testosterone, I noticed changes in my libido. And then, about a month after I started Testosterone, my libido reached heights I never would have imagined. I was aroused, basically all of the time. It was actually annoying, as well as quite exciting. Of course, Testosterone asContinue reading “Changes in Libido”

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Gender Expression and Presentation

Because of our society’s bias toward the gender binary, and the policing of gender norms, a lot of trans people, as well as non-binary, gender-expansive, gender-queer, people feel the need to limit their gender expression. It’s important to point out that gender identity and gender expression are two separate things. You can choose to presentContinue reading “Gender Expression and Presentation”


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