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Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies

I used to spend so much time in my head. Of course, I inhabited a body at the time, like everyone. But I didn’t really feel it much. That’s because for so many years growing up, feeling in my body didn’t feel good, or safe. So I simply stopped. This wasn’t a conscious choice –Continue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies”

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Elements of Embodiment, Part 2: Learning to Pay Attention to Body Sensations

I spent a long time ignoring my body. I ignored my body because I didn’t like my body – it didn’t feel like it was “me” – and especially after puberty, I lived entirely in my head. When I absolutely had to pay attention to my body, because I was sick or injured, I resentedContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 2: Learning to Pay Attention to Body Sensations”

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Elements of Embodiment: Part 1

I’m starting a multi-part series on embodiment. You can read here a little basic information about what I think conscious embodiment means. I want to dive into what the journey of embodiment can look like for trans and gender-expansive folks, and how you might embark on your own. Of course, every trans and gender-expansive personContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment: Part 1”

Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. And as all of the social media, news and emails about this day surround you, remember that no matter what, you, as you are, in this moment, are valid and lovable. Perhaps you can’t be visible, because you haven’t started any transition, and you areContinue reading “Transgender Day of Visibility”

The Divine Abodes in Trans Context: Loving-kindness

There are four qualities of mind and heart which are considered virtues in Buddhism, often called the “Divine Abodes.” And cultivating these qualities is an important part of a meditation practice. In fact, these four qualities: loving-kindness (or beneficence), compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity, are qualities considered important in many spiritual traditions. For example, theContinue reading “The Divine Abodes in Trans Context: Loving-kindness”

Gender Euphoria

The Urban Dictionary defines Gender Euphoria as “The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly.” My first full experience of gender euphoria was a few weeks after top surgery. I was leaving the county courthouse, just having completedContinue reading “Gender Euphoria”

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How to Talk About and Learn to Love Your Junk

It’s possible to create a wonderful balance, grounded in self-love, of decisions about alterations to our bodies, as well as choices about naming, owning and experiencing all of our parts.

Contemplative Practices to Build Self-love and Self-compassion

I often teach two specific forms of Buddhist contemplative practice, Metta (the pali word for lovingkindness) and Karuna (the pali word for compassion.) The Metta practice I teach is geared toward developing lovingkindness toward ourselves. The Karuna practice is geared toward developing self-compassion. They are very similar ideas, but slightly different practices. And some peopleContinue reading “Contemplative Practices to Build Self-love and Self-compassion”


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