Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies

I used to spend so much time in my head. Of course, I inhabited a body at the time, like everyone. But I didn’t really feel it much. That’s because for so many years growing up, feeling in my body didn’t feel good, or safe. So I simply stopped. This wasn’t a conscious choice –Continue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies”

Elements of Embodiment, Part 2: Learning to Pay Attention to Body Sensations

I spent a long time ignoring my body. I ignored my body because I didn’t like my body – it didn’t feel like it was “me” – and especially after puberty, I lived entirely in my head. When I absolutely had to pay attention to my body, because I was sick or injured, I resentedContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 2: Learning to Pay Attention to Body Sensations”

Elements of Embodiment: Part 1

I’m starting a multi-part series on embodiment. You can read here a little basic information about what I think conscious embodiment means. I want to dive into what the journey of embodiment can look like for trans and gender-expansive folks, and how you might embark on your own. Of course, every trans and gender-expansive personContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment: Part 1”

Divine Abodes, Part 3: Equanimity

I started out talking about the “Divine Abodes” in a trans and gender-expansive context in this first post, and followed it up with a post about compassion. The Buddhist concept of the “Divine Abodes” is four qualities of heart and mind which I see as qualities that are important for resilience. The third quality isContinue reading “Divine Abodes, Part 3: Equanimity”

The Divine Abodes in Trans Context: Loving-kindness

There are four qualities of mind and heart which are considered virtues in Buddhism, often called the “Divine Abodes.” And cultivating these qualities is an important part of a meditation practice. In fact, these four qualities: loving-kindness (or beneficence), compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity, are qualities considered important in many spiritual traditions. For example, theContinue reading “The Divine Abodes in Trans Context: Loving-kindness”