Dear Cisgender Erotic Embodiment Teachers

Unlike my usual posts, this post is written for cisgender embodiment facilitators. Content Warning: lots of explicit language for genitals. You are a cisgender erotic embodiment teacher with the desire to be inclusive to trans folks in both the language you use and the events you offer. I have some perspective to gift you regardingContinue reading “Dear Cisgender Erotic Embodiment Teachers”

Elements of Embodiment, Part 4: Cultivating Self-compassion and Curiosity About Your Body

In our process to make our bodies truly a home, we need to cultivate self-compassion and curiosity about our bodies, our sensations, and our experience of our bodies. I spent many years repressing and disconnecting from the sensations and feelings of my body, because they were unpleasant. I also judged my body because it didn’tContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 4: Cultivating Self-compassion and Curiosity About Your Body”

Elements of Embodiment: Part 1

I’m starting a multi-part series on embodiment. You can read here a little basic information about what I think conscious embodiment means. I want to dive into what the journey of embodiment can look like for trans and gender-expansive folks, and how you might embark on your own. Of course, every trans and gender-expansive personContinue reading “Elements of Embodiment: Part 1”

Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. And as all of the social media, news and emails about this day surround you, remember that no matter what, you, as you are, in this moment, are valid and lovable. Perhaps you can’t be visible, because you haven’t started any transition, and you areContinue reading “Transgender Day of Visibility”

Binding, Tucking, & Prosthetics

One of the truths about secondary sex characteristics is that very often, you can obviously see them. Another reality is that for many trans and gender-expansive folks, the presence of some characteristics, or the lack of others, makes us feel dysphoric. Unless and until we choose hormonal and/or surgical transition, it can be important toContinue reading “Binding, Tucking, & Prosthetics”