Sexuality Can Change With Transition

When I first started coming out as trans, and was introduced to trans community, one of the things I learned was that many trans people’s sexuality changes with transition. That anecdotal information is backed up by science. Several studies have shown that changes in sexuality are relatively common among trans people. For some (this isContinue reading “Sexuality Can Change With Transition”

How to Create a Relationship Life That Works for You

One of the great things about being trans or gender-expansive, is that we’re already breaking lots of cultural norms. How about introducing another norm to break: relationships! Relationship Anarchy: Know What You Want The concept of “Relationship Anarchy” is a relatively new one. The term was coined by a Swede, Andie Nordgren. The basic ideaContinue reading “How to Create a Relationship Life That Works for You”

“Self-Esteem”, Self-love and Self-compassion

You hear “self-esteem” as an important thing to have. There are countless books, programs, and articles on how to boost it. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad thing, but it’s only a tiny slice of the picture. A while ago, I was sitting on the phone with a client who was talking about howContinue reading ““Self-Esteem”, Self-love and Self-compassion”