Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies

I used to spend so much time in my head. Of course, I inhabited a body at the time, like everyone. But I didn’t really feel it much. That’s because for so many years growing up, feeling in my body didn’t feel good, or safe. So I simply stopped. This wasn’t a conscious choice –Continue reading “Elements of Embodiment, Part 3: Emotions in Our Bodies”

Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. And as all of the social media, news and emails about this day surround you, remember that no matter what, you, as you are, in this moment, are valid and lovable. Perhaps you can’t be visible, because you haven’t started any transition, and you areContinue reading “Transgender Day of Visibility”

Divine Abodes, Part 3: Equanimity

I started out talking about the “Divine Abodes” in a trans and gender-expansive context in this first post, and followed it up with a post about compassion. The Buddhist concept of the “Divine Abodes” is four qualities of heart and mind which I see as qualities that are important for resilience. The third quality isContinue reading “Divine Abodes, Part 3: Equanimity”

Contemplative Practices to Build Self-love and Self-compassion

I often teach two specific forms of Buddhist contemplative practice, Metta (the pali word for lovingkindness) and Karuna (the pali word for compassion.) The Metta practice I teach is geared toward developing lovingkindness toward ourselves. The Karuna practice is geared toward developing self-compassion. They are very similar ideas, but slightly different practices. And some peopleContinue reading “Contemplative Practices to Build Self-love and Self-compassion”

The Final Three Aspects of Trans Resilience

In the two posts before this, I outlined the first six aspects of Trans Resilience. Here are the final three. Another note: these are in no particular order – the first three are not necessarily more important than these last three. Explore the sensations of your body. Full embodiment is a challenge and journey forContinue reading “The Final Three Aspects of Trans Resilience”

Three More Aspects of Trans Resilience

In my last post, I outlined three aspects of trans resilience. Here’s three more. A note: there is some overlap in these aspects, ways in which working on one (such as standing in your self-worth) will help with another (such as respecting your own and other’s gender journeys.) These are all really just guideposts toContinue reading “Three More Aspects of Trans Resilience”