My workshops and online courses are designed to help you learn the skills you need to live a life with ease and joy.

These workshops and courses are designed specifically for trans men, trans women, and gender-expansive/non-binary folks.

Online Workshops:

Max is available to teach workshops for your community or organization. See this list.

Recorded Workshops

Here are workshops I’ve done that have been recorded:

Online Courses

Finding Ease While Transitioning

This is a beginning class, consisting of a number of audio lessons and worksheets, that introduce you to the skills and practices that can provide you with increased self-love, ease with your feelings, and comfort inside your skin as you transition. The course is free.

Loving Yourself While Trans: A Radical Journey

Maybe you know you’re hard on yourself. Or maybe you think you love yourself, yet you feel devastated when misgendered, or you keep choosing the wrong romantic partners or friends.

If you ever find yourself feeling scared to express a feeling, ask for what you want, or show people “the real you,” you could benefit from having more self-love and self-compassion.

Our culture makes it a real challenge for trans people to appreciate ourselves just as we are. We may not pass or fit gender standards. Our families or religions may reject us. Given all this, it’s no surprise that almost all of us need more self-love!

The good news is, we can choose to develop this self-love. Our brains have “neuroplasticity,” which means that our thoughts and actions carve our neural pathways day by day. Even if you don’t love yourself now – in fact, even if you actively dislike yourself – you can shift into a state of self-love and self-compassion by learning and using the tools I’ll teach you in this course.

Self-love doesn’t make you selfish! In fact, it will help you have better relationships with other people, as well as with yourself. It will help you communicate with others in healthy ways. And, single or coupled, self-love will improve your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself. Since you’re with yourself 24/7, loving yourself will make your life a whole lot happier. Interestingly enough, accepting yourself just the way you are also makes it easier to grow and change.

This donation-based four-week self-paced course is designed to give you a healthy start to cultivating self-compassion and developing self-love. Through audio lessons, audio meditations, readings, and journaling, you’ll get to know yourself better and learn how to love what you find.

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